I’ve been fortunate to be professionally working with in the sound industry for the past 15 plus years.  Now when I say “professionally”, it simply refers to getting paid, instead of doing sound at the local club or community church as a hobby or favor for a friend.  Not that there is anything wrong with that…heck that’s where most of us got started.  I've also never toured, so my opinions may be a bit bias towards the corporate side of audio.   My outlook that defines a professional is not one who may seem to be the smartest, owns the most expensive gear, or is the most organized.  It tends to lean towards experience.  The more experience you gain, the more of professional you become. In this industry, gaining experience is not all about pushing faders or posting the beloved “my office this week” Facebook updates. It’s about learning to manage time, expectations, personalities, and technology.  Unfortunately, experience takes time and cannot be taught….so for the new comers fresh out of school, keep booking those gigs, continue to build your “professionality”.  See what I did there… 

That being said, I’ve only got 15 years under my belt.  There are guys I continue to look up to who have 20, 30, or 40 plus more years of experience than I.  They too are still continuing to develop their "professionality".  They may say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but I don’t believe that for one second. They just don’t know it.  Most have learned how to use digital desks, line arrays, Dugan cards, and Waves plug in’s….and they actually know how to utilize it better than us young guns.(We'll get to that later)   Embracing new technology is part of evolution and if you try to stop evolution, you’ll be left behind.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a great importance in being vintage and having vintage gear, but I’ll leave the “vintage” discussion for a later blog entry.

My next blog entry will be about developing and deploying a solid audio team, and then maybe some discussion on system tuning and eq, focusing on questions and comments I get...."This system sounds great out of the box, why so much EQ?"  My hope is to update this blog on my travel days....sitting on those long flights and in stuffy airline lounges.  Won't be doing much blogging on my days off....those days are for fishing and or searching for the best BBQ. :)   

Stay tuned!